Strain & Sprain Bane Rub (Travel)

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Strain & Sprain Bane Rub helps relieve the discomfort and pain caused by over-exertion of muscles, ligaments, and joints. Perfect for those "Weekend Warrior" moments when we push our bodies too hard.

Avocado oil is infused with Arnica Flower, Plantain Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Frankincense Powder, Myrrh Powder, Fennel Seed, Angelica Root, Calendula Flower, Dandelion Root, Horsetail, Nettle Leaf, Clove Powder, Tumeric Powder, and Comfrey Root. Clove and Ginger essential oils are added for an additional boost to help you find relief. 2 oz.

**Packaged in plastic to take with you when you are on the go!"