Naturally by Darla offers the following services in the North West suburbs of Chicago. For pricing please email  or call 1-847-334-1580. 


We are all creatures of habit, from the things that we do everyday to our thinking patterns.  Our subconscious mind takes everything that we do and think literally. It does not know right from wrong. (that is the job of the conscious mind!) Whether it's a habit we would like to get rid of or a negative thinking pattern, it s the subconscious that needs to be accessed. A new habit or thinking pattern can then be accepted as fact.Hypnotherapy can help you quit smoking, lose weight, improve self esteem. be more confident, better your study habits, help you sleep and so much more.If you are struggling to break a habit or change a negative thinking pattern, hypnotherapy is for you!


Reiki is a mind-body relaxation method where life force energy is used to asist the healing of the self and others on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Receiving Reiki feels like the relaxed sense your body gets form a massage or soaking in a warm tub, only that with Reiki you remain fully clothed and the practitioner gently lays their hands on various parts of your body to help balance your energy. In some cases the practitioner doesn't even touch the client. Reiki promotes natural healing, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, clear toxins, release blocked and suppressed feelings, bring balance, well being and harmony, and compliment all forms of healing. Reiki is simply the practitioner focusing the natural energies that are around us and using them to help you heal. 

Toe Reading:

Toes reveal how you cope with feelings, as well as your thoughts. It has now been documented that everything that happens in you life, the story and the emotions, is stored as cellular memory. From the minute your footprints are inked on paper they begin to record the path that you have walked, the experiences you had, the choices you have made. Having a party or event and want a different twist? E-mail me at Ask about group rates. Can't make it in person? Take a picture looking down at your toes and email it to

Raindrop Therapy:

The Raindrop technique combines several anti-bacterial essential oils, (both aromatics and as direct topical agents), and a gentle touch technique for the spinal muscles to bring relief from a number of discomforts. Raindrop Therapy can: help reduce discomfort, help reduce inflammation, help improve circulation, help prevent the bacterial and viral causes of spinal misalignment, help relieve stress, help improve immune function help to release pent-up negative emotions and much more. 


Reflexology is a non-invasive, natural therapy that induces a deeply relaxed state. It is based on the principle that there are points on the hands and feet that relate to the internal organs of the body. Pressure or palpitations on a reflex point can therefore affect these structures. This treatment helps to stimulate the normal junction of the organ involved, and aid in self-healing. Bringing about physical and mental well-being. Reflexology also relieves tension, mild anxiety and depression from everyday living.