Our mission at Naturally By Darla is to humbly serve, guide, and help to heal, all individuals that are seeking a more natural way of living.  One balanced and centered between Heaven and Earth.  We follow a path that stems from many different traditions and ancient healing techniques.

Naturally By Darla was founded by Darla Tegtmeier in 2012.  Darla is a practitioner in energy work, and has helped many people find balance in their lives for over 10 years.  Personally, Darla is known to be the person to go to when one wants to address issues using alternative and/or complementary methods to help treat their dis-ease.  Naturally By Darla came to fruition when Darla realized she could help others on a larger scale by producing high quality natural products with purpose.  Darla personally makes all of her products, infusing each one with love and light.  Her purpose is to humbly serve, and she has found balance between her continued energy work, and beneficial product line.